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Booking Agreement

This agreement is between Full House Music also known as artist and . also known as purchaser on this date .

Artist agrees to perform and purchaser agrees to compensate artist as agreed below.

Location: .

Date: .

Times: .

Type of engagement: .

Load in Time: .

Full Price Agreed upon: .00 to be paid as follows. 50% non refundable deposit to be sent back with signed contract . Balance to be paid IN CASH on date of engagement prior to performance. Any over time will be at a rate of .00 per hour unless otherwise noted on contract. Checks to be made payable to Lenny Longo.

Additional terms: D.J., will provide PA System he calculates adequate to cover venue. D.J. will provide music he deems appropriate but to include as many requested songs and type of music as noted on request sheet as possible. Purchaser will contact artist at least two weeks before engagement to inform artist as to size of venue, location of power, and any unusual items artist may need to know in order to fulfill artist's responsibility as per this agreement. Purchaser will provide a sturdy table (min. 2'X6') for equipment placed on a solid surface that will not shake excessively. In cases of outdoor engagements protection will be provided against any natural (rain, Sun, wind etc.) or man made (sprinklers, smoke, etc.) hazards to equipment or D.J. .

Purchaser agrees to pay balance and Artist incurs no additional responsibility if engagement is canceled by purchaser, for any reason, within two weeks of engagement. Artist is retained as a sub-contractor and is responsible for his/her own taxes and does not hold purchaser responsible for payment. Artist retains the right to substitute D.J. if scheduled D.J. is unable to fulfill this engagement due to booking conflict. Artist will not be held libel for any default of this agreement caused by sickness, accident, strike, legalities, mechanical failures, unexpected event or act of God. Artist incurs no other responsibilities except those listed here.

The below signature confirms that the purchaser has read the terms and conditions of this agreement and accepts all terms set forth herein.

Artist: Full House Music DJ .

Address: P.O.Box 745, Effort, PA 18330 .

Phone:570 460-9494

Cell: 570 460-9494 .

Purchaser: X .

Address: .

Phone: e-mail work/cell .

Contracts and Deposits are to be returned to artist within two week of date of contract or contract may be voided by artist with no additional responsibility to Artist or Purchaser.

Additional items (special songs/instructions) Please List Below .






Request Form

Full House Music

P.O.Box 745 Effort, PA 18330

Cell 570 460-9494


In order to help insure a smooth and successful engagement we ask you to please fill out and return request form

1. Name of Honored Guest(s): (Birthday person, Bride/Groom, Anniversary Couple etc.)

list members of the wedding party on the back of this sheet and the order of their introduction


2.Type of Engagement ()Birthday()Wedding()Sweet 16()Anniversary ()other (note below)


3. Special Song(s)________________________________________________________

First Dance as Husband and Wife .

Father Bride Dance .

Mother Groom Dance .

4. Will you need background music before or after the engagement? () yes () no

5. Type(s) of music you prefer (please check appropriate options below)

() Country Standards () Country Modern () Country Rock

()Standards 30s-40s ()Oldies 50s-60s ()Classic Rock 70s-80s ()Current Rock 90s-00s

() Latin Salsa, Meringue etc. () Polka () Other______________________________

Traditional Ethnic ( Italian, Irish, Jewish etc.)__________________________________

We encourage you and your guests to bring any special CDs you may wish to hear and will try to play them during this engagement. We reserve the right to refuse to play any CD we feel is inappropriate, or in poor taste .

Please list any other special requests, the names of the people in the wedding party (if the DJ will be introducing them) and any other persons that are to be presented by our DJ below and, if necessary,on the back of this form.